14th and 15th December. Wonderful workshop with Pablo Escorcia.

This was a fantastic weekend, there were 34  of us altogether and Pablo was an inspiration.

Pablo's group December 2019     Pablo and Me

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Life is movement.  We are life.  We are movement. Since ancient times humans have acknowledged this truth and recognise that life has cyclical movements that represent its complexity. In this workshop, guided by Pablo Escorcia, we will explore the cyclical nature of life and its inherent simplicity within the complexity.

Combining two of the lines of vivencia in Biodanza, creativity and transcendence, we will embark on an inner journey so as to embody the next step in our process of awareness and evolution.

About Pablo: He became a certified International Biocentric Foundation (IBF)Didactic teacher in 2005. Since then he has taught Biodanza students and teachers alike to deepen their practice and enhance their understanding of the system.Applying Biodanza, he has designed and delivered programmes to both private and public organisations.He gives regular extensions such as ‘Biodanza and Shamanism’ and ‘Biodanza in Organisations’as well as workshops and weekly sessions in Berlin, where he lives.Pablo’s life has been a journey of searching for his own path by integrating the practical world of business and the integral world of yoga and dance. His aim in life is to lead processes of enhancing human consciousness with gratitude and love in order to create a better world.