Biodanza is a pure dance form that originated in South America. The word BIO translates as LIFE and the word DANZA translates as DANCE. In English this the DANCE OF LIFE. Biodanza is a series of dance/movement exercises to music, designed to let you experience the here and now, to be in the present moment. We call this a VIVENCIA from the Spanish word VIVIR – TO LIVE.

Biodanza is based in part on universal biological and physiological principles and works in an organic and holistic way through your unique response to music, your own movements and your connection with the group. There are no steps or routines to learn. These days we tend to rush around with one eye on the clock the whole time, some of us even have “alarm” clocks to shock us awake in order to get going in the morning.

Biodanza promotes health and well-being, joy and relaxation, pleasure and contentment. We can strengthen our innate ability to feel pleasure and satisfaction and to develop our natural capacity to empathise with others and with nature. Biodanza aims to integrate, harmonise and balance the mind, body and spirit. Biodanza helps us to become more coherent. How many of us think one thing, feel another and do a third, entirely different thing ? We usually do what we think we ought to and not what we really want to.

The class of Biodanza also helps us to empathise with each other, so that we get a feeling of belonging, connection and being part of a group. The linking and connection available through movement, gentle touch and eye contact, (no words are used in Biodanza), is miraculous. The loneliness people feel nowadays, separate and isolated, despite living in an urban environment in close proximity to thousands, can gradually be healed by practising Biodanza.

Biodanza also helps us to develop a sense of our connection to a greater totality, so as to transcend the mind and the ego, and to experience the feeling of being a part of everything.

People embarking on a programme of Biodanza can expect some or all of the following benefits :

  • freer and more enjoyable expression through the body
  • more happiness in life
  • deeper, more real connections with others, with nature and with yourself
  • clarity about what you want in life and to be able to choose to make changes to achieve these goals
  • a more creative, expressive and open approach to life

In a Biodanza class we can re-connect with our natural instincts, which, for our ancestors, were their vital tools for survival, they were in tune with the seasons, the phases of the moon and the elements.

The World Health Organisation has already redefined health to include psychological well-being. How do we achieve this? By happiness! We are happy when we can express our true selves.

By practising Biodanza regularly, ideally once a week, you will feel full of vitality, giving yourself the chance to experience living in the moment. This is a welcome, and much needed opportunity to get in touch with yourself and to enjoy being part of a group. Through the music and the dance you find your own unique and authentic movements and, liberated from the need to talk, you can connect with your inner wisdom, with body, heart and soul.