Every Wednesday

The classes run every Wednesday from 7.15 (for a 7.30 start) – 9.15

The open class for beginners is on the first Wednesday of each month.

School weekends

Every 2nd weekend of each month

Saturday and Sunday from 1pm

Our new training cycle has started and open to you if you would like to dance and to deepen your experience of Biodanza.

Check the school website for all details :- www.biodanza-londonschool.co.uk

Sunday Workshop on 25th February

Yamil Jasa is a very inspiring Biodanza teacher from Uruguay and will give 2 sessions with a break between. ‘From Instinct to Love’. Exploring the pleasure of living from our natural instincts.

Open to those with or without any Biodanza experience.


Biodanza Holiday on the island of Crete

August 25th to September 1st A Biodanza holiday in a place of great natural beauty.