Newsletter re corona virus. June 30th 2020

Dear friends,
I felt that it was time to catch up with you all and let you know what has been going on with me and Biodanza in Richmond since January 2020 in view of all the radical changes that the corona virus pandemic has brought.

The year started well with our first Wednesday class of 2020 on 8th January. It was great to be back! We celebrated our January and February birthdays in our usual style at the end of each class, on progressive weeks, Paul, Amravati, Olga, Alison, Sundar, Fiona and Liz were the lucky ones.

Then the corona virus hit and we had our last class in St. John the Divine hall on Wednesday 11th March. From then on, and to date, the hall has remained closed.

After a gap of one week I decided to start sessions on Zoom so we could all  keep connected. It has been a massive learning process for me to give these sessions. Whilst they have allowed us to spend precious Wednesday evenings together they cannot replace being together in our lovely space in Richmond with circles, synchronisation, swaying circles, nests, encounters and all the other beautiful possibilities we have in Biodanza. We have however found ways online to feel the giving and receiving that is possible on zoom and the love that has emanated from the screen. These evenings together have been a reliable source of continued love, friendship, belonging and empathy and have given us an all important element of structure once a week.


The London school began the final 6 modules of our 3 year cycle with the Methodology modules in January 2020. This is the important practical training and information for our students on starting, maintaining and supporting their new Biodanza groups. Our last school in St. John the Divine was the weekend of 14th and 15th March. We were already beginning to learn how to respect each other’s wishes concerning safe distancing and acceptable levels of physical contact for each of us .
We celebrated the 3+ years of commitment that Meridee has given to her training. The present students and Meridee’s friends came to support her as she gave her monography and became the latest student of the London school to become a Professor of Biodanza. We welcome her as a friend and colleague with pleasure. The subject of her monograph, which she presented so beautifully, is ‘Trust’ and was very interesting and turns out to be so relevant for us all at the moment

After this weekend the hall closed and so any decisions about whether to meet were made for us. No more classes or weekends together until further notice. I am writing this on Sunday 28th June and there are no signs yet as to when our beloved hall will be open again.
We have continued the school methodology on Zoom as much as is possible, the students have enunciated and presented exercises, giving demonstrations of their chosen exercise with great commitment and authenticity. Everyone has made the best of the possibilities that we have at the moment.I want to thank all our students, friends and visitors and of course my 2 colleagues.
Here is a screen shot of some of our lovely family of Biodanza.

This is our lovely tribe on January 15th

Another casualty of the corona virus pandemic is our much anticipated and longed-for holiday. I had cancelled the original booking for June and rescheduled it for September but sadly have now cancelled it for this year and made a provisional booking for next year.


At the moment we have no idea when we will be able to start our new cycle and can only watch and wait.
To those of you waiting to start with us we will keep you informed and as soon as we have a date we’ll be in contact with you..With love Ruth