So who am I ?


Biodanza TeacherWell, first and foremost I am passionate about Biodanza and have been since the very first class I went to. So much so that I chose to pass my passion on to others by doing the training. I have been teaching for over 30 years and for the last 16 years have been immersed in Biodanza. I am inspired by Rolando Toro in his desire to get the whole world dancing.

As a director of the London School I am constantly uncovering more and more layers of this unique system as I research the theory for each school weekend.

I love creating and giving vivencias to people of all levels of experience of Biodanza and my weekly class in Richmond is a constant pleasure as I am inspired and encouraged by the beneficial changes I see in the participants. Discovering Biodanza was also, for me, a rediscovery of music, I now listen to more music than ever before both as a pleasure but also with a deep interest in musical semantics as I create the vivencia and consider what each piece will evoke in the vivencia.

My specialisms are :- Children’s Biodanza; Minotaur Project; Biodanza Voice Music & Percussion; Tree of Desires; Identity & The 4 Elements

Art has been a constant in my life, as a child I would take any scraps of material I could get my hands on to design and make stuffed toys and dolls clothes. Later on, before the advent of cheap clothes for teenagers I made my own with varying results !

This interest in visual things resulted in my studying mural design at art school which gave me the life long pleasure of making mosaics and teaching it as well. On my annual visits to France the neighbours became interested and soon there were mosaics as house numbers and table tops all over the place. When people come to stay with me they often find themselves doing a mosaic!

Several areas of our house are used as studios, my husband Tom is a painter and I have 3 daughters, 2 of whom are artists, the 3rd is in the film world. My daughter Anna has been dancing with me and helping me since the very first Biodanza class I ever gave and is a student under supervision and looks after my weekly class in Richmond when I am away. I have had the good luck to have travelled all over the world – going round the globe twice which was a great opportunity to observe people, how they live, what motivates them and their creativity, one of my favourite activities !