“I love Biodanza so much, it facilitates my moving into a very deep, delicate state of awareness, presence and joy.” B M

“Yesterday was great, for the first time I experienced several true, being ‘in-the moment’ phases, during your Vivencia. Heaps more to experience, but linking hands in the first circle and moving to the right with the group and slowly becoming awake to others, just makes me feel so good/happy.” Chris. October 2014

“Thanks for the wonderful class yesterday. It was exactly what I needed in this difficult time of my life. It was a pleasure and helped me a lot!” Gerardo.  June 2014

It was so lovely to be back with everyone last night, such a nourishing environment, just what I needed. It really is such a special class, thank you for your amazing teaching.” C

“Biodanza is a gift. It has been ever since I started a few years ago. From day one you have the space to just step out of life and receive moments of peace, some perspective and some time for yourself. No matter how tired I am when I arrive, I know I always leave feeling calm, peaceful and grateful for the feelings of time out from life’s busy pace. Ruth is an amazingly powerful teacher, offering so much of herself to others with sensitivity and thought, gentle in her approach and accepting in her manner. She has created the perfect opportunity for us to let go and be ourselves in a safe caring environment. I dare you to not find it helpful !” Lan-Anh

“With much love and gratitude dear Ruth for facilitating and holding a space every week for healing, laughter, tears, joy and love.” Sabine

“It was lovely for both of us to be a part of this event. We enjoyed it very very much and indeed the group was special:) Thank you for organizing it! My body seems to getting used to dance and it wasn’t in pain the next day, as I thought it might be. Instead I had a good feeling that I have a body, smooth and toned. Very good for me.” Joanna

“Yesterday I joined a Biodanza course at City Lit College. I didn’t know what to expect really; I’ve done free dance before and could image it would be some of that and also connecting with the other people in the group. But it was truly amazing! Probably the best dance class I’ve ever taken, it really brought me home, straight to my heart. The teacher was very gentle, yet so alive that it brought tears to my eyes just watching her dancing with a colleague. So full of life and love, this is how it always should be !Can you image a society that applies the Biodanza essence of connecting with yourself and others in a respectful, caring and loving way? Let me know and I move there without packing my bags! More Biodanza to the people!Look after yourself and the people around you. We are all connected as One. Loads of love.” Ann-Sofie smalltalkaboutbiglove.wordpress.com

“It was a great experience to be with the creativity group last Sunday, congratulations on a lovely workshop.” Seraphine

“The day with you was a really special and wonderful, exhilarating experience.” Caite