The Biodanza session which is always structured and progressive and designed specifically for each group so as to feel organic and natural, is unique and complete in itself.

The class works alternately on three levels:

1) Individual – performed alone, but at the same time as
everyone else in the group
2) Together – with one other person (dances in pairs),
often changing partners during an exercise several times
3) Altogether – as one group (tribal dances)

In this way we gain practice in connecting with ourselves, with another and with the group, and it is from this dynamic that all the benefits are derived.

The classes usually last about one and a half to two hours and are performed barefoot ( not obligatory ), in the sort of comfortable clothing that you would wear for any type of exercise class. The teacher leads the group by explaining and demonstrating each of the dances/exercises followed by the group then doing the dance.

Usually a class will consist of about 12 different dances with specific music designed to put you in the “here and now”, in the present moment, to experience the “vivencia”.

No dance experience is needed, there are no steps or routines to learn in Biodanza and no fitness requirements as the emphasis is always on self- regulation. All the movements should come from your own interiority – how you FEEL the music, a unique expression of yourself. Therefore it is impossible not to be able to do it, or to get it wrong.

In order to facilitate the ancient brain to work, there is no talking during the class. Talking stimulates the logical thinking brain which keeps us distracted and makes it more difficult to access our natural instincts.

Stimulated at a completely fundamental level, we feel that every cell in the body can dance inducing feelings of euphoria. When we experience this we are in the “vivencia”, the here and now. Non-verbal and non-analytical, the process focuses effortlessly on our own individual experience.